Texas Governor Rick Perry Joins Project Officials and Guests for Official Grand Opening

Green Earth Fuels hosts the Official Opening Ceremony of its Galena Park processing and distribution facility today at 2:30 p.m. The biodiesel facility is located within the Galena Park Liquids Terminal, owned by Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.

Greg Bafalis, Green Earth Fuels president and chief executive officer, remarked, As the nations newest leader in helping energy companies integrate renewable, environmentally clean, and high-value biodiesel into existing distillate product offerings, we are delighted to officially open this facility – one of the nations largest biodiesel production plants.”

Biodiesel is derived from select natural plant oils and animal fats. Compared to petroleum-based diesel, biodiesel significantly reduces air emissions, complies with strict low sulfur mandates, and can be used in diesel blends with no modifications or infrastructure changes. Biodiesel supports the U.S. farm economy, improves regional and national energy security, expands tight fuel inventories, and reduces America’s foreign oil dependence.

Typically blended with petroleum diesel for use in diesel vehicles, biodiesel is the fastest growing alternative fuel in America. U.S. biodiesel production more than doubled last year to an estimated 225 million gallons. According to the National Biodiesel Board, the industry intends to replace five percent, or three billion gallons, of the country’s petroleum diesel by 2015.

Texas Governor Rick Perry Joins Project Officials

Green Earth Fuels is unique to the industry in its dedication to supporting a national biodiesel infrastructure that is safe, sustainable, progressive, and commercially viable – all critical components to widespread adoption of alternative fuel sources,” remarked Governor Perry. “I am pleased to support the maturing biodiesel industry and this state-of-the-art facility, particularly as biofuels play a progressively critical role in protecting America’s agricultural economy and national energy security.”

To date, the Green Earth Fuels facility in Houston has produced and shipped more than 2.4 million gallons of fuel, with all of it meeting stringent ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) specifications. The company has expansion plans for three additional refineries underway at sites in key coastal locations.

The quality and ratability of our biodiesel production have solidified Green Earth Fuels leadership role in the U.S. renewable fuels marketplace,” said Bafalis. With our Houston facility up and running in full production, new processing facility projects currently underway in bi-coastal locations, and a vertically integrated business model that represents end-to-end production of environmentally clean biodiesel, our team is fully committed to continuing to meet the rigorous scale, quality, and logistics requirements of our energy industry customers and becoming an integral and vital link in their renewable fuel strategies.”

Construction on Green Earth Fuels 90 million gallons-per-year (mmgpy) Galena Park project began in 2006. Green Earth Fuels first process line, capable of producing 45 million gallons per year of quality biodiesel, went into commercial operation on July 24; the second process line moved into production October 1.

The facility utilizes Green Earths proprietary design which focuses on producing ratable and high-quality biodiesel. A $100,000 on-site fuel-testing lab, managed by highly experienced Green Earth technicians, closely monitors biodiesel quality throughout every step of processing to ensure that all of the product will meet ASTM requirements before third-party certifications are performed, and that only high quality biodiesel is allowed to exit the plant.

Green Earth Fuels also invests in the development and production of new feedstock crops, and adheres to best practices farming of current crops to promote feedstock sustainability, maximize processing benefits, and minimize environmental impacts.…