Biodiesel Production

The fastest growing and most efficient alternative fuel in America

Green Earth Fuels, LLC produces biodiesel via its subsidiary, Green Earth Fuels of Houston, LLC (GEFH).

Biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning, alternative fuel derived from select natural plant oils, animal fats, and non-food crops. Typically blended with petroleum diesel for use in diesel vehicles, biodiesel requires few or no engine modifications, and has demonstrated significant environmental and economic benefits for fleet operations and other consumer end uses.

Plus, as the most energy-efficient transportation fuel, biodiesel has the highest “energy balance” of any transportation fuel. For every unit of fossil energy required to make biodiesel, 3.2 units of energy are gained. This 320% increase accounts for feedstock planting, harvesting, fuel production, and fuel transportation to end users.

Biodiesel fuel is consistently high in product quality and meets the stringent specifications of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). It exceeds typical biofuel carbon and energy balances, avoids the need for changes in petrochemical infrastructure and distribution systems, and supports both America’s agricultural economy and its national energy security.

A convenient alternative

Biodiesel blends up to 20% (B20) may be stored in standard diesel fuel tanks and pumped with conventional fuel equipment. Most significantly, biodiesel is easily incorporated into the existing petroleum-diesel infrastructure. In blends of B20 or less, biodiesel is literally a “pour in” technology; no new equipment or equipment modifications are necessary.

GEFH’s 90 million-gallon-per-year facility located on the Houston Ship Channel enables more efficient integration of biofuels with existing diesel or petroleum blends by reducing the costs associated with transportation and distribution of biodiesel.…