Business Lines

Green Earth Fuels is invested in ongoing feedstock development and best practices farming of current crops, to ensure a reliable supply of feedstocks that promote long-term environmental and economic sustainability.

Our vertically integrated business model represents end-to-end production of environmentally clean biodiesel. By developing and investing in the production of new feedstock crops, and adhering to best practices farming of current crops, we are uniquely poised to promote feedstock sustainability, maximize processing benefits, and minimize environmental impacts.

While soybeans are a major source of biodiesel, Green Earth Fuels and other energy producers are investing in non-food feedstocks grown on marginal lands as a source of biodiesel, such as camelina.

From byproducts to opportunity

  • The byproducts that result from biodiesel production provide an opportunity for additional environmental contributions. For example, glycerin is a high-value extract of biodiesel production and is used in a wide range of consumer products. Another viable product is propylene glycol, a safe and environmentally friendly compound used for antifreeze and deicing purposes.